Tragic Road Crash Claims Lives Of 4 Expats In Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
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A devastating road accident in north-western Saudi Arabia has resulted in the tragic deaths of four Arab expatriates, while several others sustained serious injuries after their vehicle overturned, as reported by a local media outlet.

The incident occurred on a desert road approximately 80 kilometers from Tabuk city, when a pickup truck carrying laborers flipped over. Witnesses disclosed that the victims were seated in the back of the vehicle due to their large number while returning from the Saudi port city of Jeddah.

In response to the emergency, Red Crescent teams and medical evacuation helicopters were swiftly dispatched to the scene to provide assistance to the victims.

Despite immediate efforts, the exact cause of the accident remains unclear.

Saudi Arabia has witnessed a concerning rise in road accidents in recent months, prompting intensified efforts to curb reckless driving behaviors.

Earlier this month, two separate road crashes resulted in the death of one child and injuries to 22 others within the kingdom.

In January, a collision in the Muhayil governorate claimed the lives of four young men and left three others injured.

Tragically, in November, a collision involving three cars resulted in the loss of eight lives and critical injuries to five others in south-western Saudi Arabia.

Similarly, in September, a bus overturned, leading to the deaths of four individuals and injuries to seven others in the coastal governorate of Al Wajh.

According to official statistics, a staggering 4,555 fatalities occurred as a result of traffic accidents in Saudi Arabia in 2022, with a notable decrease in serious road accidents compared to the previous year, as reported by the Saudi General Authority for Statistics.

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