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Five-member Indian Family Dies In Head-on Car Crash Near Riyadh

Six people, including a Saudi citizen and five members of an Indian family, were killed and five Saudis injured in a horrific accident on Friday. The head-on-collision crash between Toyota Land Cruise...

December 06, 2021 0 3124 Category: Accidents
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Saudi Arabia Coronavirus : Total Cases : 550,043, New Cases : 46, Cured : 539,205, Deaths: 8,849, Active Cases : 1,989 Covid 19 Cases As Of Dec 8, 2021 Total Cases : 550,043 New Cases : 46 Cured : 539,205 Deaths: 8,849 Active Cases : 1,989 Total Active Cases In The Country As Of Dec 8, 2021 Je... December 08, 2021 0 80 Category: Coronavirus
MOH Clarifies The Fact Of Corona And Influenza Vaccines Are Incompatible The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia disprove rumors about a conflict between the Corona and seasonal influenza vaccines, highlighting that this is not true, and that they can be received at the sam... December 08, 2021 0 111 Category: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia And Oman Opened First Direct Road Link Between Two Countries Saudi Arabia and Oman officially opened the first direct land road crossing between the two countries, reducing a land travel time by 16 hours. This road was inaugurated on the 2nd day of visit by Sau... December 08, 2021 0 531 Category: Travel
Saudi Arabia Starts Issuing Umrah Visas For India, Pakistan And Egypt Pilgrims The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia announced that it is now issuing Umrah visas for India, Pakistan and Egypt, stating that pilgrims from these countries can now enter to the Kingdom direc... December 07, 2021 0 391 Category: Saudi Arabia
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Booster Dose Is A Condition For The Continuation Of Immune Status And Entry Into The Markets - MOC The Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia highlighted the booster dose of the Corona vaccine, stating that it is a condition for the continuation of the 'Immune' status and to entry into market... December 07, 2021 0 222 Category: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Air Defenses Destroys Two Ballistic Missiles Fired Towards Riyadh Saudi air defenses intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile launched this evening (Monday) by Houthi militia towards the Saudi capital, Riyadh, according to what the Coalition to Support Legitima... December 07, 2021 0 707 Category: Saudi Arabia
Aramco Announces $15.5 Billion Landmark Gas Pipeline Deal With Global Consortium Led By BlackRock Saudi Aramco has signed a $15.5 billion lease and leaseback deal involving its gas pipeline network with a consortium led by BlackRock Real Assets and Hassana Investment Company, the investment manage... December 07, 2021 0 237 Category: BUSINESS
Saudi Arabia To Witness Biting Cold Season From Tuesday The Saudi weather experts said that this year’s winter, featuring a season of biting cold, will begin from Tuesday, Dec. 7 in the Kingdom. The season will see a sharp drop in temperatures in mos... December 07, 2021 0 422 Category: Weather
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