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Linh Linh

MBT INTRODUCTIONMBT Electrical Equipment JSC offers a wide range of dry type transformer and oil immersed transformer, sealed type transformer for solar energy applications and components, replacement parts, and services. With the amorphous transformer, distribution transformer, oil immersed transformer, power transformer manufacturing basis and strict quality control process, MBT can supply and manufacture top quality transformer in Vietnam and the world.Whether you need transformers, three phase transformer, three phase amorphous transformer, sealed type transformer, open type transformer, solar transformer, RMU cabinet for AC or DC voltages, 50-60 Hz and IEC or IEEE standards, MBT transformer company technologies and innovations can increase solar reliability while reducing impact environment and reducing life cycle costs.MBT solar transformers are designed for installation in all environmental conditions. Generation units are custom designed to meet all applicable standards, regulations, and customer specifications. Oil immersed transformer and dry type transformer are rated for their solar generating capacity and array voltage level, meeting all applicable standards and regulations in force and energy efficiency. Oil filled transformer, power transformer rating can be manufactured and tested with mineral oil or liquid ester (natural or synthetic)Access:

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