Education Minister: Evaluation Of Three-Semester System Underway
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Saudi Education Minister Yousef Al-Benyan has revealed that the three-semester system is currently undergoing evaluation within the ministry, with results to be disclosed upon completion. This initiative, deemed crucial at ministerial and governmental levels, reflects a concerted effort to enhance the educational landscape.

Al-Benyan made these remarks in response to Dr. Aisha Zakri, head of the Education and Scientific Research Committee, during a Shoura Council session in Riyadh. He emphasized the ministry's collaborative approach, engaging teachers, parents, and relevant stakeholders to assess the three-semester model's efficacy based on scientific and educational principles.

Highlighting the ministry's commitment to stakeholder involvement, Al-Benyan noted the participation of specialists from both within and outside the ministry in studying the benefits, opportunities, and challenges associated with the three-semester system. Introduced in the previous academic year, this system divided the academic calendar into three semesters, each spanning 13 weeks.

During the session, Al-Benyan provided Council members with insights into key educational initiatives and addressed inquiries while outlining the ministry's future plans and programs. He expressed gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their unwavering support, which aligns with Saudi Vision 2030's objectives for sustainable development.

Emphasizing the ministry's transformative role, Al-Benyan underscored the shift from operational to regulatory functions, fostering agility and collaboration within the education sector. He stressed the importance of equipping teachers with a clear vision to cultivate a globally competitive generation adept in essential skills and capabilities.

Furthermore, Al-Benyan affirmed the ministry's commitment to modernizing curricula to meet international standards and equip students with the skills necessary for the 21st century, the fourth industrial revolution, and the evolving economy. He highlighted efforts to support students with disabilities, with a significant increase in enrollment and tailored educational policies to promote inclusivity and lifelong learning opportunities.

Addressing university education, Al-Benyan outlined efforts to enhance the Universities Affairs Council's role in aligning university outputs with labor market demands and fostering scientific research and innovation. He reiterated the ministry's collaborative approach in overcoming challenges and pursuing sustainable solutions.

In response to inquiries about special education programs, Al-Benyan underscored the ministry's dedication, including the establishment of a specialized department to oversee this initiative.

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