Saudi E-Visit Visa Expands: Welcoming 3 New Countries To A Total Of 66
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Saudi Arabia has broadened its electronic visit visa program, now including three additional nations: the Bahamas, Barbados, and Grenada, bringing the total tally to 66 countries eligible for e-visas.

This initiative, announced jointly by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Tourism, aims to enhance the tourist experience for visitors worldwide.

Citizens from the newly added countries can obtain a multiple reentry e-visit visa, valid for one year, allowing a maximum stay of three months per visit. Visas can be obtained instantly through the Digital Saudi Embassy's unified visa national platform or upon arrival at Saudi international ports.

The visit visas cater to tourism, Umrah, business, and visiting relatives or friends. However, visa holders must adhere to the specified duration of stay and depart Saudi Arabia before the visa expires to avoid penalties. Engaging in paid work or performing Umrah rituals during the Hajj season is not permitted under the visit visa.

For comprehensive information on eligible countries, visa terms, and conditions, visit the official website

This expansion marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia's efforts to facilitate tourism and strengthen international relations, aligning with previous expansions in October 2023, which included six additional countries and extended visa privileges to certain visa holders from Schengen, UK, and US, as well as permanent residents of EU and GCC countries.

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