Auto Monitoring On Violations Of Non-Compliance With Road Lanes From Tomorrow, Muroor Announces Fine Of It
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The Saudi Traffic Department (Muroor) renewed its reminder of the date of applying the violation of non-compliance with the specified road lanes, in 3 cities (Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam), indicating that the automatic monitoring will start from 11th November 2020.

The Muroor in Saudi Arabia specified a mechanism for moving from one lane to another lane in the following way:

1. Before moving from one lane to another, make sure that this can be done without exposing himself or other road users to danger.

2. Make sure that the other lane is clear of vehicles and allow movement at this part of the road.

3. Use the necessary signals or indicators well before starting to move to another lane.

4. Switch off the indicator after moving to another lane.

- The Saudi Traffic confirmed that automatic monitoring of this type of violations aims to preserve the safety of road users. Failure to comply with the limits of the specified lanes on the road is a traffic violation and the violator to face a fine ranging from 300 Saudi riyals to 500 riyals.

- Muroor stated that there remains one day after the start of automatic monitoring for the violation of "non-compliance with the boundaries of specific routes on the roads", in each of "Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah."




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