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5 Controls To Follow Before Turning Right At Red Traffic Signal In Saudi Arabia The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia has set 5 controls to turn to the right on the red signal. 1. Stop before turning to the right at red signal, this is to ensure the intersect... February 17, 2021 0 488 Category: Traffic
Fine Of Upto 2,000 Riyals For Failing To Carry A Driving License - Saudi Moroor The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia revealed the fine imposed for not carrying a driver's license, explaining that, it may reach 2,000 riyals. This came in response from &qu... February 10, 2021 0 734 Category: Traffic
86 Percent Of Women In The Kingdom Do Not Wear Seat Belts As Drivers Or Passengers Of Cars A recent study revealed that nearly 86 percent of women in the Kingdom do not wear seat belts as drivers or passengers of cars. The study was conducted over a period of two years with a sample of m... January 22, 2021 0 197 Category: Traffic
Saudi Moroor To Monitor Road Lanes Violations In Tabuk, Najran, Qassim And Hail Starting Tomorrow The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia renewed its reminder on the date of monitoring the violation of crossing road lanes in four regions (Tabuk, Najran, Al Qassim and Hail), startin... January 12, 2021 0 204 Category: Traffic
Trucker Was Caught Driving In The Opposite Direction On A Taif Highway A trucker was caught driving in the opposite direction on a Taif highway, in Mecca province, endangering lives of other road users, police said. Saudi Traffic Department has warned against driving ... January 03, 2021 0 325 Category: Traffic
Commitment To Road Tracks Reduces Accidents, Vehicle Models For Which Seat Belt Violation Applies The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia reminded about the commitment to the specified path lanes on the road, specifying that sticking to this behavior has clearly begun on all ends. ... January 03, 2021 0 211 Category: Traffic
5 Important Requirements Before Traveling In Vehicles For Long Trips - Saudi Moroor The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia highlighted 5 necessary steps that must be checked before traveling by vehicles during long trips. The official traffic Twitter account said ... January 01, 2021 0 647 Category: Traffic
Fines Up To SR500 For Failure To Signal When Changing Lanes Saudi traffic authorities have said they will extend the use of an automatic surveillance system to spot motorist who deviate among road lanes without signalling. The new system will be in force ne... December 03, 2020 0 1070 Category: Traffic
Moroor Announces The Date Of Auto Monitoring On Non-Compliance Of Road Lanes In Jazan, Taif, Al Baha And Al Jouf The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia  announced the date of activating the auto monitoring of the violation of non-compliance with the specified lanes on roads in Jazan, Taif, ... December 03, 2020 0 1161 Category: Traffic
Motorist Speeding Without Number Plates Caught In Taif Traffic patrols in Taif governorate in the Mecca province of Saudi Arabia have caught a driver, who has posted clips on social media, while driving at high speed and without number plates, putting his... November 29, 2020 0 151 Category: Traffic
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