Shocking Video: Car Crashes Into Store In Jizan, Saudi Arabia – CCTV Footage Reveals Dramatic Incident
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In a startling incident captured on CCTV, a driver lost control of the wheel and crashed into a green grocer in Jizan, Saudi Arabia's southwestern region.

Witness the dramatic moment as a driver loses control of their vehicle, careening into a local green grocer in Samtah city, Jizan Province, Saudi Arabia. The CCTV footage unveils the sudden collision, as the car smashes through the glass façade of the store, narrowly missing a worker inside who miraculously emerges unharmed.

Details emerge indicating that the driver, reportedly a woman according to Saudi news portal Al Marsd, was behind the wheel during the incident. However, precise details regarding the date and official comments from authorities remain undisclosed.

This incident echoes a similar occurrence in Al Kharj, south of Riyadh, where social media buzzed with reports of another female driver losing control and injuring pedestrians. The aftermath of the incident saw the driver under investigation while two women sustained injuries.

The introduction of women drivers in Saudi Arabia, a historic move in 2018, has significantly impacted the automotive landscape. Notably, the burgeoning demand for cars among women has propelled the kingdom's auto market to unprecedented heights.

Statistics reveal a remarkable surge in car sales, with approximately 730,000 vehicles sold last year, of which 30% were purchased by women. Forecasts predict an even more substantial increase, with sales projected to reach 870,000 this year.

This surge defies earlier estimations, which anticipated sales to peak at 577,000 by 2025. However, the actual figures for 2022 surpassed expectations, reaching 675,000 cars sold. The unexpected rise in demand signals a remarkable shift in the kingdom's automotive industry.

Despite challenges posed by the global pandemic, including disruptions in supply chains, the automotive sector in Saudi Arabia remains resilient. The resurgence in demand for cars underscores the enduring appeal of automobile ownership in the kingdom.

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