Heroic Act: Two Young Men Rescue Family From Floodwaters In Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia
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Amidst the heavy floods triggered by torrential rain in the Jazan region, particularly in Al Reith Governorate, two young men demonstrated remarkable courage by rescuing a family from the perilous waters of Wadi Lajab.

Hassan Jaber Al Salami and Abdullah Yahya Al Salami bravely ventured into the floodwaters, ensuring the safety of the stranded family by guiding them to higher ground. Their swift action, coupled with assistance from local citizens and civil defense teams, averted a potential tragedy.

Notably, the heroic duo also managed to retrieve the family's vehicle from the inundated area, further showcasing their selflessness and determination.

In a separate incident captured on video in the Al Baha region, the ferocity of the floods was starkly evident as a vehicle was swept away by the powerful currents during Sunday's deluge. The footage, which circulated widely, elicited shock from onlookers, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The aftermath of the floods left a trail of destruction, with infrastructure, including electricity poles, succumbing to the force of the waters. Several roads in the Al Baha area were forced to close due to the adverse weather conditions.

As the Civil Defense diligently monitors the situation across the Kingdom, warnings have been issued urging the public to exercise caution and avoid valleys and floodwaters. Emphasizing the paramount importance of safety, individuals are urged to adhere strictly to official guidelines to mitigate risks.

Meanwhile, the National Center of Meteorology has forecast continued rainy conditions until Saturday, underscoring the need for ongoing vigilance and preparedness.

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