Jawazat Responds On 'Does The Expiration Of Iqama Prevents The Renewal Of Visit Visa?'
Category: Expats

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia has clarified that the expiry of the residence permit  or iqama of an expatriate resident does not prevent him from renewing or extending a visit visa for one of his relatives.

Jawazat stated through its Twitter account, in response to an inquiry in this regard, that, the expiration of the applicant’s residence does not prevent the visitor’s visa from being extended.

- After one of the resident expat raised an inquiry that his residency had expired. Is he entitled to renew the visit visa from (Absher) for a visitor hosting him?

- On the other hand, the Passports indicated that for the residents to enter the Kingdom, the validity of the visa and the identity of a resident are required, with an approved document for a negative (pcr) examination of 72 hours.

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14 Oct, 2020 0 1660
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