After A Saudi Woman's Husband Refused To Let Her Attend A Party, She Hit Him With A Glass Cup
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Saudi media reported that a woman was sentenced to six days in prison for severely assaulting her husband with a glass cup, resulting in deep injuries requiring medical attention.

A wound to the husband's head required 10 stitches, according to reports.

The husband refused to let his wife attend a friend's party, which led to a heated argument that ended with the wife hitting him with a class cup.

In response to the incident, the man immediately contacted the police and filed a complaint against his wife. The woman admitted striking her husband with a glass cup after being summoned.

A woman testified in court that her husband and her erupted into a heated argument after he learned she was using a delivery app to get to her friend's party.

Once she got into the car, her husband rushed to get her out and drive her home. Upon arriving home, she noticed a glass in front of her and struck the man.

The assault resulted in a severe head injury that required 10 stitches and 15 days to heal.

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