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50 Year Old Pakistani Woman Died And 24 Pilgrims Injured In A Road Accident A Pakistani woman in her 50s died and 24 pilgrims, who were mostly Pakistanis, were injured in a road accident on Makkah-Al-Jumom Road on Sunday. Makkah Health Affairs Emergencies Director Dr. Hattan ... January 31, 2018 2840 Category: Crime News
Duo Die Of MERS In Taif, Al-Qunfudah Two have died out of seven new cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) during the past six days, the Ministry of Health announced Thursday. Confirming the deaths, an offi... February 03, 2018 1722 Category: Crime News
35 Smugglers Arrested Saudi Border Guards in the southern border region thwarted an attempt to smuggle 672 kg of hashish and arrested 35 smugglers. The Border Guards’ spokesman, Col. Saher Al-Harbi, said that 23... February 05, 2018 1629 Category: Crime News
Woman On Trial For Aiding Husband Carry Explosives Belt Used In A Deadly Attack On A Mosque The trial of a woman who helped her husband carry the explosives belt used in a deadly attack on a mosque on August 6, 2015, has begun in the Saudi capital Riyadh. The woman concealed the belt un... February 05, 2018 1342 Category: Crime News
4,439 Saudis Among 5,345 Held On Security-related Charges In Saudi There are 4,439 Saudi nationals among 5,345 held on security-related charges in Saudi Arabia. Yemenis account for the largest numbers of foreigners on the list, figures indicate. Saudi daily Okaz... February 06, 2018 1374 Category: Crime News
More Than 650,000 Narcotic Pills Seized Duba Port Customs has thwarted smuggling more than 650,000 Captagon and Tramadol narcotic pills. The Port's Director General Ali Atawi pointed out that this quantity of pills was seized through... February 06, 2018 1384 Category: Crime News
Campaign Against Illegal Aliens, 534,000 Violators Netted And 91,000 Deported The campaign against illegal aliens and visa overstayers, which was launched on Nov. 15, has so far netted as many as 534,764 violators of the systems of residency, work and the border security, accor... February 06, 2018 2067 Category: Crime News
6 Members Of A Single Family Died In A Car Crash On Rayyen-Bisha Road which has witnessed several traffic accidents over the past three years since it was constructed. “The road has become a nightmare for motorists and passengers due to increasing number of a... February 06, 2018 1500 Category: Crime News
29 Year Old Woman Forced To Beg In Saudi By Employers, Rescued A Hyderabadi woman, who was sent to Saudi Arabia in hopes of a good job by her employer, has been rescued by the Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia. Victim, Sameena Begum (29) was also allegedly made t... February 08, 2018 1779 Category: Crime News
Duo Killed In Glider Crash In Riyadh Two people died when a Delta microlight sport glider crashed in Thumamah area of Riyadh. The Saudi Aviation Investigation Bureau said in a statement on Thursday that it had received information abo... February 10, 2018 1621 Category: Crime News
Riyadh Criminal Court Began The Trial Of A Terrorist Cell Of 4 Saudis Linked To Hezbollah Terror Cell The Special Criminal Court in Riyadh on Thursday began the trial of a terrorist cell of four Saudis linked to Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah movement. The court’s first session revea... February 10, 2018 1405 Category: Crime News
4 Pakistanis Convicted Of Raping And Murdering A Woman Four Pakistanis convicted of raping and murdering a woman were executed in Riyadh on Thursday, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency. The men had also been ... February 10, 2018 1569 Category: Crime News
3 Children Injured By Houthi Shelling On Jazan In Southern Saudi Arabia Three children were injured in Jazan in southern Saudi Arabia. The spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition Lt Col Turki Al-Maliki said that Houthi militants “intentionally targeted civilians ... February 10, 2018 1532 Category: Crime News
Saudi Security Officers Gun Down Motorist Who Ran Amok Security officers shot down a gun-toting motorist who went berserk in Jeddah's Rehab district early Thursday after the man posed a serious threat to public life. The man started driving recklessly... February 10, 2018 1319 Category: Crime News
Cops Arrested Woman For Posting Pictures Of Alcohol, Porn Saudi authorities have arrested a woman in the Red Sea city of Jeddah after she posted several pictures and videos on social media showing liquor and pornographic material. “Through the monit... February 11, 2018 2657 Category: Crime News
Man Found In Colorado Creek Identified As Student From Saudi Arabia The man whose body was pulled from Boulder Creek on Friday morning has been identified as a University of Colorado student from Saudi Arabia. The man, identified by the Boulder County coroner on ... February 15, 2018 1477 Category: Crime News
4 Junior Cyclists Killed And 6 Injured After Driver Crashes Into Club Ride The parents of the cyclists who were run over by a speeding driver blamed their club for putting their children in harm’s way by not following safety regulations. In a horrific accident, four me... February 22, 2018 1506 Category: Crime News
670,000 Violators Arrested And 161,000 Deported Saudi security authorities have so far arrested as many as 671,272 violators of the residency and labor regulations in a nationwide crackdown that was launched on Nov. 15, 2017 as part of the Nation W... February 26, 2018 1781 Category: Crime News
22 Smugglers Arrested Saudi Border Guards foiled attempts to smuggle weed into the Kingdom from its southern areas and arrested 22 smugglers in the last two weeks. The forces seized over a ton of weed during the opera... February 27, 2018 1278 Category: Crime News
7 Drug Smugglers Arrested , Who Tried to bring 618 Kg Of Hashish Into The Kingdom Border Guards in Jazan arrested seven drug smugglers who tried to bring 618 kg of hashish into the Kingdom. They seized narcotics that were buried in a Farasan island and meant to be picked up by... February 28, 2018 1242 Category: Crime News
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