Absher Business Clarifies The Way To Deal With Suspension Of Transfer Of Labor Sponsorship
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The Absher platform in Saudi Arabia clarified the conditions and categories of exit and re-entry visas for family members and domestic workers.

The Absher platform through its official Twitter account said that before issuing an exit and re-entry visa, one must met with below conditions

1. Validity of Passport must be more than 90 days

2. Payment of Traffic fines

3. Pay the Exit Re-Entry service fee.

4. Must not be any travel restrictions

- The Absher platform also clarified that one must return before the last date of return, which is the specified date and starts from the date of issuance, and the duration of visa in days requires a validity of more than 90 days in the resident’s iqama in addition to the specified period and begins from the date of travel.

- The “Absher Business” platform clarified the required procedure in the event of suspending the transfer of labor sponsorship to a new sponsor.

- The Absher said in this case, the new employer must review the Jawazat to complete the transfer procedures.

- This came in response to a question received by the Absher, in which one of the beneficiaries asked, The full employment sponsorship has been transferred from the previous sponsor, and the problem is that the employment is still attached to Absher to their previous sponsor, and they have not been transferred to the new sponsor despite the update of the commercial registration data.




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