Wandering During Total Curfew Is Not Permitted, Except For Urgent Condition - Ministry Of Interior
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Interior Ministry spokesperson, Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub, answered a question that during total curfew, that will be applied starting from Saturday,  Can individual go out to meet the necessary need within the neighborhood of residential area, like going for food and pharmacies?

He said that, The curfe decision has already started from 5 PM Today, It will continue till the end of 4th Shawwal day (27th May), It is not permitted to wander for any cause, only excluded permitted groups will be allowed, Citizens and residents service can be done through applications of pharmacies and food catering approved from the communications authority.

- It is not possible for any one to get out except for the most necessary health condition, through the public security platform of the Ministry of Interior and through the application and directly being served and the security men appreciate these cases when standing on them and provide assistance.


22 May, 2020 0 4155
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