Total Of 1,186,449 Final Exit Visas Were Issued Last Year
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A total of 1,186,449 final exit visas were issued last year by the Department of Passports (Jawazat), reported Arabic newspaper Al-Madina on Monday.

The Jawazat carried out more than 23 million electronic operations through Absher and Muqem electronic systems, the passport department announced.

It said as many as 645,629 final exit visas were issued through Absher and 540,820 through Muqeem.

Absher is a Ministry of Interior (MOI) e-portal that provides every user with a special account to enable him to benefit from e-services provided by the sectors of the ministry.

Muqeem is also an MOI e-portal which helps private companies’ HR departments to benefit from e-services provided by the sectors of the ministry.

“A total of 52,956 final exit visas through the two systems were cancelled,” it added.

A total 7,231,572 exit-reentry visas were issued, of which 4,181,416 were issued through Absher and 3,050,156 through Muqeem.

According to the Jawazat, as many as 7,714,411 Muqeem cards were renewed last year and 128,541 job titles amended.

It said 528,757 iqama (residence permit) transfer operations were conducted last year.

The Jawazat said some 973,360 Muqeem cards were printed and mailed through the Wasil service.

It said 1,027,530 new copies of Muqeem cards were issued, of which 624,327 were through Absher and 403,203 through Muqeem electronic services.

The Jawazat said a total of 38,679 expatriate workers were reported as Huroob (escapees from work).

It said 1,139,479 visit visas were renewed and that 17,447 family visit visas were issued.

It said 155,301 new Saudi passports were issued and 444,845 passports renewed.

A Total of 572,325 electronic travel permits were issued to dependents.


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