Saudi Woman Kidnapped On Holiday In Istanbul
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A Saudi woman is reported to have been kidnapped in Istanbul while on holiday in Turkey with her family.
Security cameras captured the moment the woman was sprayed in the face with a substance that knocked her unconscious and taken away by a man, the Arabic-language newspapee  Asharq Al-Awsat  said on Wednesday.
The report said the attack took place “a few days ago” near a hotel in the Asian part of Istanbul, where she was staying with her family.
The woman, known as Abeer, was visiting Istanbul with her husband and children on holiday. All communication with her was cut after she disappeared, sources told the newspaper.
Neither the Saudi consulate in Istanbul or the Turkish police were able to determine her whereabouts, the report said.
The security cameras showed “a person carrying a small package sprayed a substance on the face of the Saudi tourist, who lost consciousness, before taking her with him until she disappeared from view,” the source said.
The incident comes days after two Saudi brothers were attacked and robbed by gunmen while they were visiting Istanbul.
Saudi Arabia urged its nationals in the city to “exercise vigilance and caution.”



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