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Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the UN, Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, praised the brave soldiers of the Kingdom who make sacrifices to support legitimacy in Yemen to preserve the capabilities of the people and their legitimate government against the coup militias, recalling those who sacrificed their lives in order to contribute to peacemaking around the world.

This came in the Kingdom’s speech to the Special Policies and Decolonization Committee.

In the speech, Al-Mouallimi expressed Saudi Arabia’s appreciation for the great efforts exerted by the UN represented by the peacekeeping forces to maintain international peace and security.

He also reviewed the Kingdom’s continuous efforts to support peacekeeping operations and countries suffering from wars and conflicts, including Yemen.

Al-Mouallimi pointed out that the Kingdom believes in the pivotal role of the UN and international peacekeeping forces in establishing peace and order.

He assured that Saudi Arabia is working in collaboration with the UN through satisfying its financial obligations towards peacekeeping forces, and procuring political and logistical support to its various agencies, noting that the Kingdom was a pioneer state in responding to international calls for emergency humanitarian aid.

He added that the Kingdom provides full support to the Yemeni people and their legitimate government to reach a comprehensive political solution to put an end to the coup of the Houthi militias. This was most evident through the Kingdom’s total humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people, which has totaled $14 billion since the beginning of the crisis.

Al-Mouallimi assured that “as part of its efforts to restore stability in Yemen, the Kingdom has hosted a dialogue between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council that led to an agreement, bringing closer their views regarding a political solution to the crisis, providing support to the legitimate Yemeni government and confronting the coup.”

Finally, Al-Mouallimi reaffirmed Saudi Arabia’s view on the importance of UN organizations promoting stability in countries enduring conflict.



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