Saudi Authority For Intellectual Property Has Warned Against Infringing Intellectual Copyrights
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The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP), a governmental agency, has warned against infringing intellectual copyrights, saying that offenders risk heavy penalties.

The Riyadh-based agency noted that an individual has been ordered to pay SR75,000 for having published a research paper in a scientific journal without securing a written permission or consent from its author, Saudi Okaz newspaper reported today.

The penalty slapped on the offender included a fine of SR50,000 and an additional SR25,000 in damages, the agency explained. The research in question was also withdrawn from the journal.

SAIP said it is necessary for individuals to obtain a written permission from holders of copyrights to use their literary and artistic products to avoid penalties.

In 2017, the Saudi government agreed to set up SAIP to unify efforts to protect intellectual property rights and boost the knowledge-based economy in the kingdom.

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