Saudi Arabia Warns Against Labour Gatherings
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Saudi authorities have warned that a labour gathering of more than five persons in one place having no residential link is considered a violation of limits on gatherings to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Offenders face heavy fines, which can reach SR100,000 and business shutdowns.

The Interior Ministry said that the first-time violation of the gathering regulations is punishable by SR50,000 for the establishment in charge while each person in the gathering or the one who has called for it will be fined SR5,000.

In case of repeating the offence for the second time, the establishment or the one in charge will be fined SR100,000 while each person in the gathering or the one who has called for it will pay a fine of SR10,000.

Should the violation occur for the third time, those responsible for the violation, including the one in charge of the establishment and the participants in the gathering, shall be referred to public prosecution amid hefty unspecified penalties. “If the establishment involved is a private one, it faces closure for three months if the violation is repeated once. The shutdown is for six months on the second time, “ the Interior Ministry said, according to Okaz newspaper.

In recent weeks, there has been a significant drop in the daily virus infection rates in Saudi Arabia amid strict health precautions.

The kingdom so far has registered a tally of 366,584 virus cases and 6,355 related deaths.




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