Saudi Arabia: Man Executed For Kidnap, Rape Of Teen
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A Chadian man was executed on Tuesday after he was convicted of kidnapping and raping a teenager, the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The man was also convicted of stealing several vehicles using a number of modus operandi and escaped his Jeddah detention, before he was apprehended and stood trial, the statement added.

“Adam Zain Issa Kuji, a Chadian national, kidnapped and raped a juvenile, stole several cars in various ways and escaped from the detention,” the statement said.

The man, who was also charged with committing several kidnappings, robberies at knife point, was sentenced to death by the Criminal Court.

The ruling was later upheld by the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, before it became final.

In line with a Royal Order, the man was executed in Jeddah on Tuesday, the statement said.




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13 Jan, 2021 0 1061
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