Saudi Arabia Extended Iqamas, Exit Re-Entry Visas Until 31st January For Expats In Suspended Countries
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Jawazat in Saudi Arabia has started extending the validity of iqamas, exit re-entry visas for expatriates outside the Kingdom automatically without any charge or financial compensation until the date of 31st January 2022.

Today, most of the expatriates who are outside the Kingdom and are in the list of suspended countries witnessed that their exit re-entry visa and iqama has been extended until 31st January 2022.

- Those who want to check their Exit Re-Entry visa can check it by following this link

- In order to know the procedure for checking exit re-entry visa status online, follow this link 'Procedure to check exit re-entry visa status of Saudi Arabia'. Those who want to know the procedure to check their iqama validity follow this link 'Check iqama expiry date without using Absher'.

- In case, if your Iqama or Exit Re-entry visa is not extended even though you are in the suspended countries and currently outside the Kingdom, do not worry, it will be extended in a day or two days, as the process of extending visas has been  started automatically through National Informatics Center and Jawazat.

- According to Jawazat, Expired iqamas of the expats who are outside the Kingdom and are in the list of suspended countries is also extended until 31st January 2022.

- Visit visa holders who did not used their visa and it expired due to the suspension of flights can extend their visas through the e-service launched by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, You can read more on it by following this link 'Extend the validity of unused visit visas without fee, for suspended countries'.




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