Salary Deductions Or Delays Without Any Valid Reason In Saudi Arabia
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If any amount is deducted from the salary of the employee for reasons other than mentioned in Saudi Labor Law without written consent from the employee, The employee can submit a request to the Commission of settlement of Labor disputes.

An Employee or his representative or the head of the competent Labor Office may submit a request to the Commission of Settlement of Labor Disputes on any of the following

1. Deduction of the employee salary without written consent of the employee.

2. If the Employer delays the salary without a valid reason or justification.

3. Paying the salary beyond the due date set forth in Saudi Labor Law.

- The Commission for the Settlement of Labor Disputes to order the employer or sponsor to return to the employee any wrongfully deducted amount or pending amount of the salary.

- In case, If the employer has deducted or hold or delay the amount of employee salary without any reason, The Commission can impose a fine on the employer or company a fine not exceeding twice the deducted amount from the employee salary or twice the amount of outstanding salaries.

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