Muroor In Saudi Arabia Specifies A Fine On Exceeding Number Of Passengers In A Vehicle
Category: Traffic

The General Traffic Department (Muroor) in Saudi Arabia, through its Twitter account has clarified on a fine for exceeding the number of passengers permitted for a vehicle in the traffic license. 

The Saudi Muroor confirmed that transporting a number of passengers more than the number mentioned in the traffic license is a traffic violation and the violator requires to pay a fine between 1000 SR to 2000 Saudi Riyals. 

- "For safe driving, the driver of the vehicle must stick to the number of passengers stated in the traffic license" tweet Muroor in Saudi Arabia with below infographic picture.

- The General Traffic Department had stated that the registration of violations is minimal, and it may be recorded at its maximum, in the case of aggravating circumstances by a decision by a committee or committees formed by the minister, and the regulations specify the aggravating circumstances and the committee's work procedures.

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12 Oct, 2020 0 4168
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