Hajj Regulations Enforcement: Makkah Deputy Emir's Firm Directive
Category: Saudi Arabia

In the recent launch of the "Hajj is worship and a civilized behavior" campaign, Makkah's Deputy Emir, Prince Saud bin Mishaal, reiterated the strict enforcement of regulations, emphasizing the necessity of obtaining a permit for performing Hajj. Any violations will face severe consequences, he warned.

Key Points and Initiatives:

The campaign launch, under the slogan "No Hajj without a permit," underscores the commitment to preventing unauthorized pilgrimages and maintaining order during the sacred ritual.

Prince Saud extended gratitude to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their unwavering support in ensuring pilgrim safety and smooth rituals.

Minister of Interior, Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif, received commendation for overseeing efforts related to Hajj.

The campaign's success in reducing misconduct and fraudulent activities has enhanced the pilgrimage experience and improved services for lawful pilgrims.

Collaboration among various sectors is emphasized to optimize coordination and readiness for a hassle-free pilgrimage experience.

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