From October 1, Health Insurance Policy Holders Will Receive 18 New Benefits
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The health insurance policyholders will have as many as 18 new benefits as well as 10 improvements in the existing benefits effective from October 1 this year.

From next month, the Council of Health Insurance will launch the package of benefits and update the insurance coverage limits.

Nasser Al-Juhani, spokesman of the council, said the maximum coverage for mental health has been raised to SR50,000 from SR15,000. Hemodialysis coverage has also been increased.

In addition to focusing on women's health, obesity operations, and kidney transplants, a number of updated benefits have been added, including exploratory preventive tests and vaccinations.

Seven primary objectives of the updated health insurance policy are to increase the prevention of disease for beneficiaries, promote health, reduce complications of disease, improve beneficiaries' capacity, facilitate access to the service category, empower beneficiaries, and enhance service quality and efficiency.

The benefits are available to holders of health insurance policies issued or renewed after Oct. 1 and beyond, according to Al-Juhani, the council's executive director for empowerment and supervision.

Health insurance will cover bariatric surgery, he said recently. In the council's efforts to reduce obesity rates, Al-Johani said insurance coverage for obesity operations aims to provide more and more appropriate options for health insurance beneficiaries. All ages are covered by the insurance, he said.

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