Foreign Workers Who Abscond Can Rectify Their Status Without Employers Consent
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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia has issued a circular allowing an employer who filed an absconding claim to cancel the status of a foreign worker without permission from the employer.

A circular stated that foreign workers absconding without their employer's consent can rectify their status under certain conditions.

Deputy Minister for Labour Affairs Abdul Majeed Al Rashoodi noted that the cancellation of an employer's absconding status can only be implemented if certain criteria are met, namely the employer's location being confirmed as "non-existent".

An employer may also cancel an establishment if its status is "under process" and he or she has not opened another file within thirty days of the date that the file was opened.

A worker who has absconded can rectify their status if the establishment is located in a red zone and has not documented the contracts of employees at a rate of at least 75 percent of the total workforce.

Also, if the establishment is in a red zone or does not protect 80 percent of its workers' wages, absconders can rectify their situation.

In the circular, employees participating in the transfer of services were also clarified what conditions must be met by establishments. They state that employers who wish to transfer a worker's services to him are required to pay all fees associated with the transfer through the issuing of an e-certified letter.

To accomplish the procedures of transferring workers to a new establishment, employers must also provide the necessary terms and conditions.

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