Fire Incident In Mecca Tunnel: No Casualties Reported
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In the Saudi city of Mecca, a car inside the Haram Tunnel caught fire due to a technical issue, fortunately resulting in no casualties. The incident occurred on Wednesday, coinciding with the departure of worshippers from the Grand Mosque after Eid Al Fitr prayers.

The swift action of Rapid Task Traffic police led to the closure and evacuation of the tunnel, effectively preventing any casualties. This incident occurred during the holy month of Ramadan, a time when Mecca sees an influx of pilgrims performing Umrah at the Grand Mosque.

Authorities in Mecca, the Holy Capital of Saudi Arabia, were well-prepared to handle the large crowds during this period, ensuring the safety and comfort of worshippers. Despite the incident, the faithful continued their religious activities with dedication.

12 Apr, 2024 0 348
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