Deadline Approaching: Second Instalment Of Hajj Booking Fees In Saudi Arabia
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With the annual Hajj pilgrimage season fast approaching in Saudi Arabia, domestic pilgrims are reminded of the looming deadline for the payment of the second instalment of their booking fees. As preparations for this sacred journey intensify, it's crucial for pilgrims to adhere to the payment schedule set by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj.

Scheduled for Saturday, the deadline requires domestic pilgrims to pay 40% of the total cost of their chosen Hajj package. Failure to meet this deadline may result in complications or forfeiture of booking.

For the convenience of pilgrims, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj introduced four distinct pilgrimage packages, catering to various accommodation preferences. These packages range in price from SR4,099 to SR13,265, offering flexibility to pilgrims based on their budget and comfort requirements.

To ease the financial burden, the Ministry allows payment in three instalments. The first instalment, equivalent to 20% of the overall cost, was due by the first day of Ramadan. The approaching deadline marks the second instalment, while the third and final payment is expected by the 20th of the subsequent Islamic month of Shawwal.

In addition to meeting financial obligations, eligible pilgrims and Hajj workers must ensure compliance with vaccination requirements. These include receiving one dose of the updated COVID-19 vaccine, along with vaccinations against seasonal influenza and meningitis. Adhering to these health protocols is essential to safeguard the well-being of all pilgrims amidst ongoing global health concerns.

Last year, approximately 1.8 million pilgrims participated in Hajj, signaling a return to pre-pandemic levels. With early preparations underway, Saudi Arabia is implementing a new strategy for overseas pilgrims, streamlining the allocation of pilgrimage spaces based on contractual agreements rather than specific country allocations. This strategic shift aims to enhance efficiency in pilgrimage preparations, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling Hajj experience for all participants.

As the deadline for the second instalment approaches, pilgrims are urged to finalize their payments promptly and complete any necessary vaccinations. Embracing the spirit of this sacred journey, let us prepare diligently for the upcoming Hajj season in Saudi Arabia. Book your package and embark on this profound spiritual experience.

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