Ban On Direct Entry Into Saudi Arabia From These Countries, Including India, Pakistan
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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia has reconfirmed that expatriates from 9 countries will not be allowed directly to enter into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unless they spend 14 days in any third country other than these 9 countries.

The list of 9 countries are

1. India

2. Pakistan

3. Indonesia

4. Egypt

5. Lebanon

6. Turkey

7. South Africa

8. Argentina

9. Brazil

- On July 4th, The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia announced the ban on traveling from or to

1. UAE

2. Ethiopia

3. Vietnam and

4. Afghanista

- Expatriates must not pass through any of these banned countries in the last 14 days in order to enter into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi nationals, diplomats, health professionals and their families are exempt from the ban from the above mentioned countries.

- The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) earlier issued a circular to all airlines operating in Saudi Arabia regarding the suspension of travel for those all countries, the decision came after monitoring the stability of pandemic situation in these countries and the effectiveness of controlling the pandemic in some others.

- Saudi Arabia announced that all non-vaccinated visitors coming from countries that are not facing ban to go for institutional quarantine for 7 days upon their arrival in the Kingdom and get a valid health insurance document to cover the risks against Covid-19. 

- Institutional quarantine is enforced at a facility under the supervision of the health authorities as opposed to home quarantine, the non-vaccinated travelers must take a PCR test on the first and 7th day of their arrival in Kingdom.

- Institutional quarantine is not applicable on Saudi Citizens, citizen's wife or husband, citizen's son and daughters, domestic workers accompanying them, diplomatic visa holders, diplomats and their families, associated with health supply chains as deemed by Health Ministry, unvaccinated domestic workers accompanying immune resident, immune, official delegations and airlines crew, who entered through Saudi airports.




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