A Worker Can Be Transferred From An Establishment Without Consent Of Employer - Ministry Of HR
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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia confirmed that it is permissible to transfer a worker from a company without the consent of the employer, 

The ministry response came, after an inquiry by one of the beneficiaries, who asked, “A worker can transfer his services without his employer's consent electronically?”

- The official customer care account of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development responded via Twitter, saying: “A worker can be transferred from a company without the approval of his current employer, if the worker's license and residency permit (iqama) is expired.”

- In response to the beneficiaries inquiries, the Ministry of Human Resources said,  'Transferring the service and changing the profession from an individual sponsor to an establishment is temporarily unavailable'.




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20 Oct, 2020 0 2109
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