Will The Traffic Violation Fine Doubled When The Fine Payment Are Late? Moroor Response
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The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia clarified on the possibility of doubling traffic violations fine when they are failed to pay on time, referring to the inquiry and objection mechanisms from one of the beneficiary. 

Saudi Moroor confirmed through its official account on the Twitter that the application of the upper limit for violations in the new system can only be done through the different traffic authorities and according to the reasons for the strictness. 

- This came in response from Moroor to a beneficiary’s query who asked, “Are the violations doubled after two months of non-payment?”

Procedure to Inquire about Traffic violations :

- Inquiring traffic violation is available through Absher website, by logging in to your account, then select 'Traffic violations Information', where you can view all your unpaid traffic fines.

- In order to know Traffic violation details, you can click "More details" option on 'Traffic Violations Information' page, where you can see the details of a traffic violation including a map of the area where it occurred.

Procedure for Objection of Traffic violations :

Saudi Moroor explained that the way to object traffic violation is to enter the user's Absher account, then choose 'My Services', then Traffic and select 'Objection to Traffic violations'.

- As per the Moroor, it is possible to object within 30 days form the date of registering the violation, and it is possible to object to traffic violations registered by the Saher system only.




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