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Saudi Arab government is taking many measures to maintain traffic discipline among residents and citizens and to reduce number of  road accidents.  Rate of Traffic accidents and traffic violation is very high in saudi Arabia.Ministry of transport is making tough traffic regulations so that they can bring down accident death rate . World health organization has recorded highest number of human casuality due to road accidents.

Ministry of transport has ensure the strict compliance with the traffic regulations and to minimize the road accident in the country. Below  are the list of the various traffic fines and penalties. It has been observed that number of car accident in biggest city like Riyadh,Dammam,Jeddah, Al-khobar is  very high. It is  good for all Saudi citizens and Expatriates to drive car more carefully.We suggest all Saudi citizen and Saudi expats to  strictly follow traffic rules to avoid harm and casualities.

Traffic Fines up to SR.200,00 and 4 years of jails Traffic Rule Violated Penality amount
1. If driver  cause accident as of result person being hospitalised fo 15 days Imprisonment for atleast 2years  and fine for SR100,000
2. Accident which causes  death/impairment/injury Imprisonment for 4 years and fine forSR200,000
3. Drivers vehicle whose vehicle is seized and he didn’t turned up within 90 days. Vehicle will be put into auction


Traffic Fines not less than SR. 5000 and not more than 10,000


S.No Traffic Rules Violated Penality amount
1. Driver using another number Plate SR 5000 to SR10,000
2. Number plate hided or erased SR 5000 to SR 10,000
Traffic Rules not less  than SR3000 and not more than SR 6000
S.No Traffic Rules Violated Penality amount
1. Crossing signals SR 3000 –SR6000
2. Overtaking the vehicle SR 3000 –SR6000
3. Zig zag driving SR 3000 –SR6000
4. Driving on wrong side SR 3000 –SR6000

Traffic rules not less than SR 1000 and not more than SR 2000

S.No Traffic rules violated Penality amount
1. Not having number plate SR 1000-SR2000
2. Using Damaged number plate SR1000- SR2000
3. Carrying more person than specified SR1000-SR2000
4. Not using light at night while driving SR1000-SR2000
5. Gathering for joy at riding Area SR1000-SR2000

Traffic Fines not less than SR 500 and not more than SR 900

S.No Traffic rules violated Penality amount
1. Not stopping at traffic signals SR 500-SR900
2. Tinting windows beyond the specified limits SR500-SR900
3. Drinking Tea while driving a car SR500-SR900
4. Environmental pollution SR900

Traffic Fines not less than SR150 and not more than SR 500

S.No Traffic rules violated Penality amount
1. Holding Licence which is expired SR300-SR500
2. Not Using a child seat SR300-SR500
3. Leaving a child under10years of age alone in a car SR300-SR500

Traffic fines not less than SR150 and not more than SR300

S.No Traffic rules violated Penality amount
1. Motorist not using indicator while changing the lane SR 150-SR300
2. Not holding licence SR150-SR300
3. Not using seat belt while driving SR 150-SR300
4. Reversing the vehicle more than 20 meters on the road SR 150-SR300
5. Crowding at the scene of accident SR150-SR300
6. Fail  to maintain sufficient  distance between two vehicles SR150-SR300
7. Using mobile while driving the car SR150-SR300

Traffic  Fines not less than SR 100 and not more than SR 150

S.No Traffic Rules violated Penality amount
1. Leaving the vehicle without swithing off the Engine SR 150-SR100
2. Not processing insurance documents SR 150-SR100
3. WrongParking SR150
4. Cross roads in specified area available only for pedestrians SR 150-SR100
5. Failing to provide way to the pedestrians at the crossing SR 150-SR100


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