Saudi Woman Arrested For Sexually Abusing A Girl In Riyadh
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A Saudi woman was taken into custody on charges of sexually abusing a girl in Riyadh, police said.

“The young woman, in her 20s, has allegedly filmed her lewd acts on the girl and posted the footage on social media,” said Major Khaled Al Kreidis, spokesman for Riyadh Police.

She was arrested and all preliminary evidence-based measures were taken against her and referred to the Public Prosecution, police said.

Saudi laws criminalise sexual harassment, with harassers receiving penalties of up to five years imprisonment and fines reaching up to SR300,000.

The laws define two categories: the first is a penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of up to SR100,000, and the second covers more severe penalties such as up to five years imprisonment and a fine of SR300,000.

The second category of penalties targets repeat offenders, if the assault happened to a child or people with special needs, and if the offender has direct authority over the victim.

It also covers cases such as if the crime occurred in a place of work, study, shelter or care, if the offender and the victim have the same gender, if the victim was unconscious and if the crime occurred at a time of crisis.




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11 Feb, 2021 0 11265
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