Saudi Motorist Was Caught Driving In The Opposite Direction And Drifting On A Riyadh Highway
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A Saudi motorist was caught driving in the opposite direction and drifting on a Riyadh highway, endangering lives of other road users, police said.

The man, in his 30s, escaped from police and tried to run an officer over, said spokesperson Major Khaled Al Kreidis.

The man was remanded in custody, all preliminary legal procedures were taken against him, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution, police said.

Reckless drivers in the Kingdom were issued a stern warning agianst participating in illegal rallies and parades, showing off, ‘drifting’ and performing car stunts, besides publishing videos containing such actions on social media.

Driving a motor vehicle against traffic is punishable by a fine ranging from SR3,000 to SR6,000.




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