Saudi Authorities Have Shut Down Two Illegal Dental Clinics In Riyadh
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Saudi authorities have shut down two illegal dental clinics in Riyadh, local media reported.

Unlicensed dentists and nurses, who were running the clinics in two villas in the Saudi capital, were also arrested and moved to the Public Prosecution, pending further questioning and trial.

The Riyadh Health Department stressed that inspections will continue, and it will not be complacent in imposing severe penalties against any health facility that violates rules.

The Saudi Health Ministry also confirmed that penalties would be applied to anyone proven to have violated the system of practicing health professions.

Offenders face jail time and fines, the ministry said.

The ministry said violations include practicing without a license, providing false information, false advertising, owning health profession tools without license or reason, or being involved in trafficking human organs.

The move, the ministry said, is meant to curb irregular practices, which endanger patient safety when unlicensed practitioners (doctors, specialists, nurses) perform surgeries or other medical procedures without adherence to the governing measures.

The ministry called upon everyone to report any violations by calling the toll-free telephone number 937.




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