Saudi Airlines Renews The Reminder Of Categories Allowed To Enter Into The Kingdom
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Saudi Airlines renewed the reminder of the categories that allowed to enter the Kingdom, after one of the beneficiaries inquired, asking, “I am a health practitioner and my family has a visit visa ready and I want to book ticket. What are the required procedures ,while I am in Riyadh and my family is in Cairo?”

The official account of Saudi Airlines responded it via Twitter stating, "The health practitioner and their families, his wife and children are allowed to enter into Saudi Arabia, whether they are traveling with him or without him, with the need to provide proof of the practitioner's profession and the relationship.”

- Earlier, Saudi Airlines said, "The suspension of entry into the Kingdom is still in effect for all incoming guests, except for Saudi citizens, their families, their accompanying workers, diplomats, health practitioners and their families."

- To ensure the ease of travel procedures and to know all the conditions and requirements set by the competent authorities, including health requirements or others, which are updated continuously.

- Saudi Airlines also said that, "Lifting the suspension of all international flights as of 1 AM in the morning on Monday, May 17, 2021. It does not apply to the 20 countries, where the relevant official committee decides to suspend travel to or from it due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus." 

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