Registration Opens For Hajj Jobs In Saudi Arabia
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Registration for job opportunities to provide Hajj pilgrims with services has begun in Saudi Arabia for next month's pilgrimage.

Applicants for seasonal jobs at the Hajj and Umrah Ministry must meet certain requirements. Saudi nationals should apply alongside those with the appropriate qualifications and experience and a minimum age of 24.

In addition, applicants must also pass an interview and be physically and medically fit. According to the ministry, those with experience in seasonal work are given priority.

Candidates for driving jobs should hold a valid driving license. The ministry noted that some jobs require a good command of languages such as Persian, Uzbek, Chinese, Urdu, and Turkish.

After restricting the annual tradition of Hajj to some thousands of Muslims inside the country for the last two years due to the pandemic, Saudi Arabia says it will allow 1 million pilgrims to perform the annual ritual this year.

Before the pandemic, nearly 2.5 million Muslims from around the world attended Hajj in Saudi Arabia every year.

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