Procedure To Check How Many Sim Cards Registered On Your Iqama
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Communications and Information Technology Commission(CITC) was launched a service called "My Numbers" before few years, which allows expatriates and citizens to check the sim cards registered on their identity or Iqama, This service will get all the numbers registered with any telecom service provider in Saudi Arabia.

1. Follow the below link and choose your preferred language English/Arabic.

Procedure to Check How many Sim Cards registered on your Iqama

2. Expats can enter their "Iqama Number" and Saudi citizens have to enter their "identity number" in the first box, In the second box you can enter any "mobile number" on which you will get sms code to verify. 

- You can also skip entering "mobile number", If you do not have by clicking on the check box, But it will show you only service providers instead of numbers, For showing the numbers you should verify any mobile number. 

Procedure to Check How many Sim Cards registered on your Iqama

3. Enter the image code as you seen from above image and click ''Search", If you entered mobile number, you will get sms code to verify, Once you verified the sms code, You will see the list of numbers and service providers registered with your Iqama or Saudi identity. 

Procedure to Check How many Sim Cards registered on your Iqama

- If you found any other numbers which is not related to you, then you can complaint that service provider to cancel and close that number by following the related customer care numbers.
STC : 900
Mobily : 1100
Zain : 959
Friendi : 166000
Virgin : 1789

- You can also complaint online by following this article "Complaint to your telecom operator using CITC", which will resolve your issue by the service provider with in 15 days.




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