Jail For 22 Saudis Who Prevented Imam From Performing Friday Sermon
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The Criminal Court in Taif awarded jail term to 22 Saudis for their involvement in preventing an imam and preacher of the local mosque from entering the mosque and offering sermon and leading prayers on Friday.

The court sentenced 19 defendants to one month in prison and imposed a fine of SR2,000 while three others were awarded with 10 days in jail.

The court found them guilty of the charges framed against them after examining the evidence, watching the recorded video and hearing the testimony of witnesses.

It was found that the accused had closed the door of the mosque and prevented the imam from entering and ascending the pulpit.

While confessing to the crime, the defendants justified this by saying that they committed this because the faithful didn’t want him offer sermon and lead the prayer.




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09 Sep, 2021 0 2228
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