Fine Of SR100,000 For Non-registered Marriage To A Foreigner
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Lawyers have warned that Saudi men can be fined SR100,000 for marrying foreign women without registering them.

Lawyer Shaima Al Thaqafi warned Saudi-owned television MBC to be wary of marriage brokers who facilitate Saudi men marrying foreigners outside their homeland.

Marriage is a life project that affects a person's future, the family, and the children, so they should not be deceived by facilitated marriage as such a haphazard process.

The lawyer has also cautioned against potential fraud and blackmail associated with such marriages. "This haphazard manner has negative social and economic implications." She stressed the importance of official registration of marriage.

Tawfiq Al Sweilem, head of Awaser (Bonds), a charitable organization for Saudi families overseas, said some countries offer marriage services for Saudi men as tourists.

There have been media reports recently promoting marriages to foreign women as being less expensive than marriages to female compatriots.

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