Commitment To Road Tracks Reduces Accidents, Vehicle Models For Which Seat Belt Violation Applies
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The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia reminded about the commitment to the specified path lanes on the road, specifying that sticking to this behavior has clearly begun on all ends.

Saudi Moroor through his official Twitter account stated that 'adherence to the specified route lanes shortens travel time, reduces the number of accidents, and the growth of adherence to this behavior was visible on all ends'.

- Failing to sticking to the road lanes is an violation and it disrupt the traffic and putting lives of others in danger, those who are not sticking to the road lanes to face a fine in range of 300SR to 500 Saudi Riyals.

- Moroor in Saudi Arabia reminded that, the models of vehicles to which the violation of non-wearing a seat belt applies, the violation of not fastening the seat belt is applied to all the vehicles of 1985 and above models.

- Earlier, the Saudi Traffic specified three procedures for obtaining a replacement for a lost driver's license. They are reporting and acknowledging the method of loss, payment of fees and violations, then reviewing the Moroor Office at the driving school and submitting the application.




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