An Expat Man Arrested In Saudi Arabia With 2500 Sim Cards And Fingerprints Of Unknown People
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The competent authorities of Riyadh region police in Saudi Arabia arrested an Egyptian resident expatriate who works as a representative for a telecom company and activates the sim cards with the fingerprints of former customers.
The arrested expat was found in possession of more than 2509 sim cards of different local telecom companies and more than 22,134 riyals, 3 devices to withdraw recharge cards, 3 seals bearing the names of commercial establishments and a laptop device. 
- The authorities also found a large number of documents and prints bearing the fingerprints of unknown persons were seized with him, he was investigated and notified to the Public Prosecution.


Source: Saudiexpatriates

11 Oct, 2020 0 1651
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