Al-Rajhi Announces Saudization In Malls, Creation Of 51,000 New Jobs
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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia revealed the most leading professions and activities covered by the settlement decision in closed commercial complexes, major catering outlets, restaurants and cafes. 

Human Resources said that the professions include cafe manager, restaurant manager, exhibition manager, assistant commercial manager, internal sales manager, director of marketing and customer service, retail supervisor, bright cashier accountancy.

- The Ministry explained that the job opportunities provided by the decisions of limiting work to Saudi citizens in all activities and professions in closed commercial complexes, malls, increasing the rates of Saudization in the outlets for selling activities of restaurants and cafes, and increasing the rates of localization in the outlets of the major central supply markets.

- Today, the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed Suleiman Al-Rajhi, issued 3 decisions to limit work to all activities and professions in closed commercial complexes, malls and their management offices to Saudi nationals in all regions of the Kingdom.

- The first decision included limiting work to Saudis in all activities and professions in closed commercial complexes, malls and closed commercial complex management offices, with the exception of a limited number of activities and professions in these complexes.

- The 2nd decision also covered the increase in the rates of settlement in the outlets of the activities of restaurants and cafes according to the names, percentages and needs specified in the procedural guide issued with decision.

- The 3rd decision included increasing the Saudization rates in the major central supply market outlets in accordance with the definitions, professions, ratios, stages and requirements specified in the procedural guide issued with the decision.

- It is expected that these decisions will contribute to providing 51,000 jobs for Saudi men and Saudi women, knowing that the Ministry has highlighted the need to stick to the decisions issued and to follow by the commercial establishments in them, in order to avoid the application of penalties against violators, and employers can see the procedural evidence for these decisions through the ministry's website.




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