A New GASTAT Report Shows That Some Goods Have Increased By 36 Percent
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According to the General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT), some products' prices increased by 36 percent during the month of April.

Most notable among these were the increases in the price of local tomatoes, which rose 36.09 percent. Price of one kilo of tomato rose from SR5.93 to SR8.07, and imported tomatoes rose by 28.17 percent, bringing the price to SR7.69 per kilo.

Among the products that recorded a decrease, the authority said the fall mostly affected party and wedding expenses by 4.46 percent, after the cost dropped from SR12.49 to SR11.93.

Prices of Lebanese pears fell by 4.3 percent, lowering the price of a kilo to SR12.01 from SR12.55, while the rest of the products declined by less than two percent.

In April, the general consumer price index increased by 2.3 percent compared to the same month last year, according to the authority. Due to an increase in transportation prices by 4.6 percent and food and beverage prices by 4.3 percent, this is higher than March 2022.

The GASTAT released these figures on Tuesday in its consumer and wholesale price index for the month of April.

Purchase prices for vehicles increased by 4.1 percent, while those for food and beverage items increased by 4.3 percent, affected by an increase in food prices of 4.6 percent.

The increase in meat prices by 3.5 percent and vegetables by 13.5 percent were also affected.

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