400 Thousand Fine For 5 Concealers And Deportation Of Residents From The Kingdom
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The Ministry of Commerce declared three citizens and two residents after a court ruling was issued proving that they violated the anti-concealment system, and the three citizens enabled residents to operate a fast food restaurant and a meat-selling establishment in the city of Riyadh.The Ministry published a summary of the judicial ruling issued by the Criminal Court in Riyadh, which includes a fine of 400 thousand riyals for violators, closure of the facility, liquidation of activity, cancellation of the license, cancellation of the commercial register and prevention of practicing the activity, payment of zakat, fees and taxes, and the removal of the cover-up from the Kingdom and not allowing them to return to it. To act, and to defame by publishing the ruling in a newspaper at the expense of the violators.

The details of the case are due to the Ministry of Commerce directing a notification stating that the restaurant in the Manfouha neighborhood in Riyadh is suspected of having a case of concealment, and by investigating and inspecting the violation, the Ministry has seized contracts and material evidence confirming the case of the concealment, and the concealer undertook the conclusion of agreements and supplies and their unlicensed commercial activity and their disposal is the behavior of the owner Accordingly, the case was referred to the concerned authorities to apply the statutory penalties on the violators in accordance with the anti-concealment system.




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