Updating Insurance Policy Of Non-Saudis Coming From Outside Saudi Arabia With Coverage Of Covid-19 Infection
Category: Expats

The Saudi Central Bank and the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) announced the updating of terms of insurance policies for expatriates (non-Saudis) coming from outside the Kingdom for the purpose of Tourism, Visits and Umrah by covering the risks of corona infection.

The Saudi Central Bank through its statement said that adding this coverage aims to provide health care for cases exposed to infection with Covid-19 for those coming from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Tourism, visit and Umrah, in order to make sure the safety of everyone and to ensure the speedy access to treatment services easily. 

- The insurance coverage also provides the costs of treating the infected cases, including the costs of quarantine for the infected and the medical evaluation in cases of emergency.

- The Saudi Central Bank and the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance aims that everyone is safe and enjoys health and wellness.




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03 May, 2021 0 260
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