Two Conditions For Expats To Get A Public Driving License, 4 Wrong Behaviors When Road Is Congested
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The General Traffic Department (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia renewed its reminder that expatriates may get a public driving license with two conditions, they are, the compatibility of the driving license with the title of their profession and the validity of their resident identity (iqama).

Saudi Moroor explained it through Twitter, in response to a question from one of the resident expat, that "non-Saudis may get a general driving license, or a license to drive public works vehicles, given that the license must match the title of his profession, and the iqama must be valid."

- Earlier this, the Moroor explained that in order to get a private driver’s license, the applicant is required to complete 18 years, not to be convicted by a court ruling of drug use, promotion or possession, safety from diseases that hinder driving, passing a driving test, paying fees, and paying fines, if any, and for non-Saudis, requires regular residenc

- On the other hand, Traffic department revealed 4 wrong behaviors when the road is congested, explaining the need to follow traffic regulations on the road.

- “The driver of the vehicle, in traffic jams, must follow the traffic regulations on the road, in order to reach his destination safely,” and the 4 wrong behaviors were as follows:

1. Navigating from one path to another.

2. Not leaving a safe distance.

3. Abuse of vehicle horn.

4. Overtaking from the shoulders of the road.




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