The Qiwa Platform Offers Free Professional Corrections For Drivers
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In Saudi Arabia, the Qiwa platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development requested companies and establishments to correct some professions, such as the profession of driver, whose specifications are not listed for free. A public driver of a vehicle, a public driver, an ordinary driver, and a public vehicle driver are examples.

Under the new amendments, the company is required to select a driver in one of the following specific activities, Private Car, Taxi, Ambulance, Locomotive, Train, Metro, Motorcycle, Car, Mini Truck, Valet Parking, Bus, Tram, Heavy Truck, Gas Truck, Trailer Truck, Cement mixer, Garbage truck, Farm tractor, heavy equipment and forklift.

Doctor, Expert, Specialist, Engineer, Specialized expert, worker, ordinary worker, and control technician have been canceled from Qiwa's platform.

The platform stated that these professions can be classified as specialized occupations according to the Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations. According to a report by Saudi Gazette, the amendment will apply only to the Qiwa platform for company workers and not to platforms or individuals.

In addition, the Qiwa platform stated that the approval of the employee is required to change the profession, and the fee for doing so is 2,000 riyals.

In contrast, there is an exemption in the payment for changing professions for 8 professions, where the change is considered a correction of the professions that have been canceled.

If the worker wants to correct these professions again, he must choose a profession of which the change of service fee applies if he wants to correct it for a second time.



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