Tawakkalna App Clarifies On Registering With It, In Case Of Iqama Expiry
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Expats living in Saudi Arabia can register themselves on Tawakkalna app, even if their iqama has expired, this was announced by the app management team through their official Twitter account.

Tawakkalna clarified it in response to an expat inquiry, asking, is it possible to register with the Tawakkalna app in case of iqama expires?

The official account of Tawakkalna responded the question, stating, those whoever has a national identity, Gulf identity, iqama number or expired iqama can register with Tawakkalna app and use it normally.

Earlier, Tawakkalna app announced that among with Saudi citizens, GCC citizens can also register on Tawakkalna app using their Saudi national ID or Gulf ID, But an expat with final exit visa cannot able to register on Tawakkalna app reveals the team.

Those who are staying in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on visit visas are permitted to register with Tawakkaln app, However, in order to register they need to be in the Kingdom. They can register on the Tawakkalna app by entering details like passport number, date of birth, nationality, mobile number and password.

Those who do not have smartphones can also register with the app through the Tawakkalna website, those who have smartphones can register through the Play store or App Store, except these there are no other platforms available for the Tawakkalna app.



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