Starbucks Employee Beat Up By Expat In Saudi Arabia Over Priority Of Service
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Saudi media reports that an Egyptian was arrested after severely beating a Saudi employee at Starbucks.

After a dispute over service priority and for asking the employee to wait for just a short time, the Egyptian attacker, a delivery worker, began verbally abusing him.

The attacker told the employee, "It would be best for you not to work here," before punching her repeatedly.

Social media users went crazy over a video taken by a coffee shop customer. The video shows a coffee shop employee unsuccessfully trying to separate the two.

In response to the video, police in Saudi Arabia began an investigation and arrested the assailant.

A Saudi Arabian employee was attacked for a second time in less than a week. The Saudi government has arrested two citizens for beating up an employee at a mall in Riyadh a few days ago.

One of the attackers intentionally rammed into the employee in a video that went viral on social media. A second attacker then approached the victim and asked her to come with him. After asking the victim to come with him, both attackers suddenly attacked and punched the staff member.

The attackers were separated from the victim by many employees and bystanders. Bystanders intervened after the fight escalated to involve more staff members.

The suspects were arrested after Riyadh police conducted an investigation following the viral video.

Earlier investigations indicated that a dispute at the cash counter led to the assault, according to Public Security sources.

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